So Last Season

so-last-season-coverGuests Include Members of Unsane & Primitive Weapons

NYC trio Fashion Week has announced an album release for this March via their own label InDebth Recordings. So Last Season is a full-length collection of rare and unreleased material originating over the past few years. The release includes two EP’s that were recorded prior to 2015’s full-length album Pret-A- Porter (Solar Flare Records) as well as a non-album B-side entitled “Rich Hallister.” Rounding out the release is Fashion Week’s take on Noise-rock royalties, Helmet’s “I Know” and Unsane’s “Only Pain” as well as two live tracks. The vinyl edition will come with an additional 7” featuring a remastered version of the band’s original demo.

Helmed by vocalist/guitarist Joshua Lozano the band’s songs range from noise-rock, melodic post-hardcore and abrasive pop, all with equal mastery. In addition to Fashion Week, Lozano’s impressive resume includes being a touring member of projects including Jarboe (Swans), Cobalt (Profound Lore Records), Shai Hulud and Japanese art-metal outfit, Vampillia.

With a rotating rhythm section, Fashion Week has at points included members of Nakatomi Plaza, Swarm Of The Lotus and Sheep Shifter. While the band has featured a number of different members Lozano says “Anyone who has ever been in this band is still a member. The door is always open.” An example of this is original Bassist Brett Zweiman who relocated to Vietnam several years ago but is re-joining Fashion Week for their forthcoming European tour.

This open-door policy also led to a notable guest on the band’s cover version of “Only Pain.” Lozano related “we recorded the song for an Unsane tribute album and had a deadline to get it done. We figured who better to ask to drum on it but our friend, Vinny (Signorelli) of Unsane! His exact response was “sure, I already know the song.”

So Last Season is available here: